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3 Reasons to Ditch Your Self Storage Unit

It’s no secret that consumers are unhappy with their self storage units, and who can blame them? All you have to do is a quick google of “self storage complaint” or “self storage reviews” and you’ll see quickly that facilities have massive issues.  OnDemand Storage conducted a survey of several hundred people who had or have  units and discovered that a staggering 70% said they would leave their unit for a better rate and “on-demand” style storage. These numbers are overwhelming and got us thinking about the reasons why customers are so unhappy with their self storage unit.

  1. Unutilized Space – consumers are at the mercy of their self storage facility because facilities only have a finite amount of each unit size available. Considering MA storage facilities are at 90% occupancy, the pickings can be slim. This often leads to overpaying for space because overpaying may be a better option than traveling to the next closest facility (there is no guarantee they have your unit either).

    Does this look like your self storage unit?


  2. Unorganized – Have you ever been so sick of moving your items into your storage unit that you  just start mindlessly throwing items into the unit? This is major issue because remembering what is in our units, never mind a single box, is difficult. To get past this ODS, has created an online inventory system so you can see your entire unit on any smart phone, tablet, or desktop. Our customers can even see what is inside each box!
    Laptop and iPhone with screenshots of OnDemand Storage online

    ODS makes remembering the items in your storage unit easy!


  3. Picking Items up – Finally, ditch your unit to avoid making trips to your dingy self storage facility! ODS will drop off one or all of your items on-demand. Simply log into your online unit, select the item(s) and it’s on the way. No more asking your uncle to borrow his truck so you can get your snow blower or your summer clothes. Lugging items to and from storage is a thing of the past and we’d be excited to remove unnecessary stress from your life!


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