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Benefits of Storage With Pick Up

There are far more than three Benefits of storage with pick up, but for the sake of this blog we’ll leave it to three, I don’t to keep you here all night.

  1. No Renting or Borrowing a Truck –  Nobody likes driving a large truck, it’s a stressful and anxiety inducing experience. We’re used to driving around in our sedans (maybe an SUV) and then all of a sudden we’re expected to a load a giant rental truck full of our valuables and maneuver it up to a service door so we can unload it?  The only scenario worse than renting a truck is asking a friend to borrow their truck! Borrowing something only

    Don’t get stuck driving one of these! Let ODS do all the work for you.

    adds more stress because it’s always uncomfortable to ask a friend to for something they made need for their job.

  2. Lifting Heavy Objects – Everyone has lifted something and then felt their back immediately tighten up knowing the next two weeks are going to be full of back stretches and heating pads. “On-demand” style storage is storage with pick up at the customers home. This means we come to your home, do all the heaving lifting/ loading and whisk your items away to be stored until you need them.
  3. No Searching for a Storage Unit – You know what they say in real estate…location, location, location! That statement has never been less true than with OnDemand Storage. We pick up your storage and bring it to our secure facility – this completely nullifies the relevance of location. Your storage unit is with you 24/7/365 accessible from any mobile device, tablet, or desktop so you never have to search for a convenient location ever again. Just one quick click or call and your belongings are on their way back to you!

Ohio State University Student Storage

OnDemand Storage is excited to announce we will be servicing THE Ohio State University in 2017 by providing pick up, storage, and return of student’s dorm room or apartment belongings. Ohio State is the first Big 10 school that OnDemand Storage is providing storage and shipping services to. Ohio State has a huge need for storage with almost 50,000 students living on campus, that’s a lot of stuff! OnDemand Storage is making it’s push across America and

Ohio State University Summer Storage

Ohio State is one of America’s most well known universities

proving itself to be the #1 Student storage option out there, and now we are excited to be the best student storage option in Columbus, Ohio.

OnDemand Storage’s pricing is great for students because it allows them to be in charge of how much they want to pay! We don’t want anyone to feel like they’re being forced to pay too much for their summer storage, especially for college students we know money can be tight! We have developed a per-item pricing model, with boxes starting as low as $30 for the whole summer! Items are put into 5 different categories and are priced based on their size. For example, a small hand bag or tote is only going to be $20 while a bed is $65. Whether you need to store a whole apartment, or a single box OnDemand Storage is the company for you!

If you sign up using promo code BUCKEYE you will be eligible for savings of $25 on storage of $100 or more! Keep an eye out for our student reps around campus who will be handing out flyers and setting up tables!. We are looking forward to helping the students at Ohio State with their storage needs!

Check out our prices Here or sign up Here

Ohio State University Student Storage

Student Prices for Ohio State University Students. Use BUCKEYE to save $25