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Ohio State University Student Storage

OnDemand Storage is excited to announce we will be servicing THE Ohio State University in 2017 by providing pick up, storage, and return of student’s dorm room or apartment belongings. Ohio State is the first Big 10 school that OnDemand Storage is providing storage and shipping services to. Ohio State has a huge need for storage with almost 50,000 students living on campus, that’s a lot of stuff! OnDemand Storage is making it’s push across America and

Ohio State University Summer Storage

Ohio State is one of America’s most well known universities

proving itself to be the #1 Student storage option out there, and now we are excited to be the best student storage option in Columbus, Ohio.

OnDemand Storage’s pricing is great for students because it allows them to be in charge of how much they want to pay! We don’t want anyone to feel like they’re being forced to pay too much for their summer storage, especially for college students we know money can be tight! We have developed a per-item pricing model, with boxes starting as low as $30 for the whole summer! Items are put into 5 different categories and are priced based on their size. For example, a small hand bag or tote is only going to be $20 while a bed is $65. Whether you need to store a whole apartment, or a single box OnDemand Storage is the company for you!

If you sign up using promo code BUCKEYE you will be eligible for savings of $25 on storage of $100 or more! Keep an eye out for our student reps around campus who will be handing out flyers and setting up tables!. We are looking forward to helping the students at Ohio State with their storage needs!

Check out our prices Here or sign up Here

Ohio State University Student Storage

Student Prices for Ohio State University Students. Use BUCKEYE to save $25


Babson College Summer Storage

Babson College students need summer storage! As Babson alumni, the founders of OnDemand Storage: Joe Zanca, Barrett O’Neill, and Rob Caggiano understand the unique needs of the student body at Babson. Babson is known for it’s great entrepreneurship program that brings in students from around the world.

Buy ODS boxes at our pop up tent in Rey’s 3/29 from 10am-2pm

OnDemand Storage has provided storage solutions for over 250 Babson students in the last three years and we’re looking forward to doing it again. Be sure to check out our new technology that allows students to see their items in storage while they are away on summer break.

Need something shipped home mid-summer? No worries, OnDemand Storage can ship items all over the world on-demand.

Here is some insider info for saving money with ODS:

  1. Sign up early! by signing up early you ensure that your desired pick up time is reserved. Also, summer storage becomes one less thing to worry about…More time for finals!
  2. Use the promo code: BEAVERS for $15 off your summer storage price
  3. Use the referral code in your confirmation email to save an additional $10 for you and a friend!

Go Beavs! And good luck with finals!

Boston University Student Storage

Boston University student storage is a real problem on campus, but don’t worry OnDemand Storage is here to help!

Boston University storage options are limited because the school is located in beautiful downtown Boston. Many BU student’s do not have vehicles on campus because the use of  public transit and walkways is common and more convenient than driving. While this is a luxury for most of the year it makes lugging dorm room items to a self storage facility near BU even more difficult!

Here’s how we can help:

OnDemand Storage has realized that colleges and universities like BU have the highest demand for student storage options. For example, Boston University has alumni living in 189 countries around the world, and 24.5% of the student body is international!

Whether you need you summer storage or need to ship items to OnDemand storage and have them delivered to your dorm-we can do it! We take pride in helping international students relieve added stress through our convenient summer storage services. We are looking forward to helping Boston University students have a stress free end of the year and a simple move in process in the fall.