The Importance of Using Good Packing Materials

man taping a box to moveGetting ready to move out at the end of the semester is a process, to say the least. Between organizing items to take with you or put into storage, you may be looking for ways to make the process easier. Making sure you are using sturdy and protective packing materials will go a long way in making sure your belongings are kept safe.

Use the right moving boxes

Local supermarkets and big box stores may sell or even give away used boxes for people looking for packing materials. These boxes can cause problems during your move. Produce boxes are designed to handle less weight than regular moving boxes and are prone to tearing along the edges and buckling during the moving process. Using a variety of different-sized boxes can also make it difficult to stack without boxes hanging over edges or weaker boxes collapsing under the weight. If you moved into school with large plastic bins, making sure they are packed evenly and not overweighed is vital to keeping the bin stable. Moving and storage companies often sell specialty boxes designed for moving and heavy items for less than $2 per box.

Label each box clearly

You might not need to unpack each box immediately after moving into your new dorm or apartment. Make sure each box is labeled with its designated room on at least three sides with brief descriptions of the contents, such as “KITCHEN- pots, pans, and silverware” or “BEDROOM- books.” This will make unloading your items and unpacking each box more efficient because there’s less of a chance you will forget where a specific thing is packed.

Filling the empty spaces

It’s highly unlikely that your things will perfectly stack up and fill the entirety of a box. To keep delicate items safe, it’s important to make sure the gaps are filled with paper. It provides a layer of protection from scratching and keeps each item firmly in place during transport.  Adding paper to your box will also make sure you do not overpack, keeping each at a reasonable weight.

Packing Materials for Students at ODS Box Days

If you are still figuring out what to do with your belongings this summer, contact OnDemand Storage today! We are still accepting signups from schools across the East Coast and provide packing materials to students signed up on ODS Box Days, conveniently timed before finals begin. To sign up, OnDemand can be reached by calling 1.855.216.6617 or by filling out our signup form.