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Third Party Logistics Business Storage is Best For the 21st Century

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Companies in the Boston area are very limited on space. Rent in Boston is extremely expensive, which means that companies have little room to work with when it comes to setup and maintenance of the working area. With little room left for employees to work, many companies do not have any room for storage. With little room left for storage space for many companies in the Boston area, third party logistics is the next bet. As for ecommerce companies, renting a space in Boston just for the storage of their products is a hassle and in many cases, unaffordable.

In this blog, we will discuss the positives in working with a third party logistics (3PL) company to help with the storage of business’ products, office supplies and more.


What is Third Party Logistics Business Storage?

A third-party logistics, business storage service is a middle man between the supplier and the organization selling the product. Picture this: a construction company has an upcoming job in the Boston area. They need to order cabinets, countertops, and drywall prior to starting the job. Yet, the job itself is going to take 2 months to complete. Uh oh! They had to order all of the supplies before starting the job, but it won’t be done for another 2 months! What will they do with all of the supplies until they are able to install?

As mentioned previously, renting space in Boston is expensive and timely. All that is left is to work with a 3PL organization! A 3PL allows companies the ability to store their products until they are ready to use/sell them. There is no need to worry about spending the extra time or money to rent a space, move things around and store them properly. A 3PL organization handles it all for you!


Why Not Just Drop Ship?

Drop shipping is having the products delivered by the supplier, directly to the consumer or site. While this does cutout the middle man, many problems can arise. First and foremost, suppliers are not meant to send individual products directly to consumers. They produce in mass quantities, and generally ship in mass quantities. In the example of the construction project above, drop shipping means delivering those cabinets, countertops and drywall to the construction site. While it sounds great in theory, problems that would arise include a) clutter of the working area and b) ruined cabinets, countertops and drywall at the hands of weather. Drop shipping is more labor intensive, costly and problematic. Sometimes a middleman is necessary.


OnDemand Storage 3PL in the Boston Area

OnDemand Storage is more than capable of providing your company with advanced 3PL storage services. As our website states, “We understand each business has unique needs and our dedicated account managers are committed to developing customized storage plans to meet your needs.” We will work with you to provide the best solutions possible. Additionally, we offer delivery for your items in our Boston storage. Don’t need delivery? We will work with you to provide the best services possible.


Interested in learning more about our Boston storage services? Check out our website!

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