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Tips for Packing up Your College Dorm

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Tips for Packing up Your College Dorm, OnDemand StorageWhether you’re moving out for the summer or for good, packing up your college dorm can be a bittersweet experience. Though classes are finally done and you no longer have to worry about finals, deadlines, and that 8 AM chemistry class, it’s also time to say goodbye to friends, professors, and the area you’ve come to call your second home.

When it’s time to pack up your dorm room contents, following these tips can help make the process easy and hassle free.

Know Where Your Stuff is going

If you find that you’ve accumulated more than would fit in your parents’ basement, finding a storage facility for your belongings can be extremely beneficial. OnDemand Storage is one of the leaders for self-storage in Boston and we’ll keep your entire belongings safe over the summer break. We’ll even pickup and delivery your items for you and you can take out whatever you want whenever you need it.

Start Packing Early

It may sound like a pain, but packing your belongings much earlier than you think necessary can save you a tremendous amount of time. If you have items that you know you won’t need in your last two or three weeks of the semester, such as extra clothing, décor, and overstocked toiletries, pack them up ahead of time. Doing so will cut your last minute packing time in half, so you can be stress free while moving out.

Utilize your Meal Points

Leaving behind a bunch of food and drinks can potentially get you fined for ants and bugs over the summer. Eat what you have and throw out anything that you don’t plan on bringing home with you. If you signed up for a meal plan with your college, now is the time to make use of any leftover points you may have. Not only will you ensure your dorm isn’t full of food come move-out time, but you’ll save yourself a couple bucks by utilizing your meal plan over a cram-session pizza order.