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Tips for Storing Your Winter Clothes and Other Items

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With the spring season approaching, now is the best time to begin preparing to store your winter belongings.

For certain items, you will want to make sure you do the following preparation:

  • Clothing- If you are storing clothes, you should also clean and wash them before placing them in your storage unit. Dirt, oils, and other substances can cause your fabrics to deteriorate and discolor over time and since you’re storing them, you most likely will not air them out till winter.
  • Coats- Zip or button up the fronts of your coats, empty out the pockets, and hang them on durable hangers. If you have clothing bags, you can also put your coats in them to ensure maximum protection.
  • Boots- If you are storing your winter boots, you will definitely want to clean them off before placing them into storage. Use a wire brush to remove any dirt in the soles, preserve the shape with newspaper or shoe stuffers, and store them in an upright position.
  • Accessories– For any accessories you might have, you should store them in breathable containers. If you have hats, you can stuff them with tissue paper to make sure the shape is preserved.
  • Sweaters– Your sweaters should be cleaned and neatly folded or hung up on hangers to prevent any creasing. If you are folding them, place them into a clear, plastic container with a label. For extra protection, you can place tissue paper between each sweater to prevent color transferring or snagging.
  • Sports Equipment– For any winter sports equipment, you will want to make sure it is clean and placed in high quality sports bags.

Tips for Storing Your Winter Clothes and Other Items, OnDemand Storage

Any items you place in our storage units in Boston, MA, you will want to make sure you clearly label them. If there are any special requests, please notify our professional staff beforehand. Our experts at OnDemand Storage make it their priority to safely transport and store your items. With our summer storage for college students in Boston, MA, you can rest easy knowing your valuables are in good hands!


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