Valet Storage in Boston

Valet Storage in Boston

Our entire economy is facing an overhaul from the on-demand economy, it started out in ridesharing and now infiltrated alcohol, food, storage, and a wide range of other services. This speaks to the Millennial generation demanding products and services immediately through their smartphones or computers.

Lyft and Uber are the obvious the examples because they transport individuals from point A to point B with the click of a button. But is it possible to have your extra “stuff” transported just as easily? the answer is yes, OnDemand Storage provides the most reliable and convenient valet storage in Boston and the surrounding areas.

How exactly does it work? It’s beyond simple! You estimate what you would like to put in storage (just a rough idea) whether it be a bedroom, a living room, a 1 bedroom condo, or a an entire home.  Our valet storage service also inquires about packing help and/or materials you may need and can be brought to the pick up so items are properly and professionally stored. As they are loaded into an OnDemand Storage vehicle they are photographed and inventoried.

Within 24 hours of pick up, the customer can log into their virtual storage unit via any smartphone, tablet, or computer and see all the items they put into storage with OnDemand Storage.

But I want one item back, can I do that? Yes! Whether it just got cold out, hot out, or you really want your favorite pair of shoes – it’s not a big deal. ODS will bring one or all of your items back to you at anytime! Oh, and you don’t even have to call. Log into your unit select “Return” and then highlight the items you want back, where and when, and they are on the way!

Think of OnDemand Storage as an extra storage closet on your iPhone – wow, you mean all my items are accessible from my iPhone? Yes, Steve Jobs truly was a pioneer!

With OnDemand Storage you can literally put every item from your 5,000 sf home into your phone – pretty cool. Valet storage in Boston is here and we want to help every person transitioning or overpaying for a small apartment to maximize their space without sacrificing their body or time to do so.

Check out ODS prices here (Hint: They are cheaper than overpriced self storage)