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What is Full Service Storage?

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We’ve all been there. We realize that we have way too much stuff and we need to do something about. Sure, you can sell some of your items, you can donate or you can just throw them away. But what about the items that you cannot part ways with? There’s a solution to this problem: affordable storage units. Unfortunately, putting your items away in Boston storage can be a large task, especially if you have a lot of stuff. In this blog we discuss full service storage and the perks of working with local storage with pickup.


What is Full Service Storage?

Full service storage is a storage service company that in addition to provide storage, will also offer local storage with pickup and drop-off. In working with a full service storage company, the only task that you will need to worry about is packing your items and preparing them for local storage with pickup. Everything is handled by the company. But the question remains, what are the perks to using a full service storage company?


Time is Money and I Like Saving

As the saying goes, ‘time is money’. By investing in a local company that offers the best storage with pickup and drop-off, you will be able to save time. Time spent on renting a vehicle to help you move your items. Time spent loading and unloading the vehicle. Time spent putting everything in storage. Time spent organizing your items in Boston storage. No need to deal with traffic. Time is a glorious thing and spending it moving your items around is exhausting. Save, don’t spend time!


Full Service Storage Offers ‘Ease of Use’

Working with a company that offers the best storage with pickup and drop-off in your area, makes life so much easier on yourself. No need to worry about the physical toll that moving puts on your body. No need to hassle with the shipping of your items. No need to worry about going to visit your storage unit. A full service storage company will handle everything!


Support a Local Company that Offers Local Storage with Pickup

Many times when working with a company that offers local storage with pickup and drop-off, you will be working with a local company. Especially during these COVID pandemic times, supporting local business is extremely important for local economies. Have solace in the fact that while you are spending extra money to pay for full service storage, you are supporting a local business.


Work with OnDemand Storage for Full Service Storage in the Boston Area

OnDemand Storage offers full service storage for all localities in the Boston area. Our warehouse locations in Braintree, Medford and Randolph allows us the ability to cover the entire city and much of the surrounding areas. We also offer commercial storage units for businesses needing storage space in the Boston area. Regardless of whether you are a business, an individual or a young adult looking for college student storage, we offer local storage pickup and drop-off!


Contact us to learn more about our services and to receive a free quote!

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