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What Should I Look for in a Boston Moving Company

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4 Step Strategy for Finding the Right Boston Moving Company

  1. You Need a Boston Mover that Knows the Area
  2. You Need a Boston Mover that You Can Depend On
  3. Get a Referral to a Boston Mover
  4. Ensure the Legitimacy of the Boston Moving Company


You Need a Boston Mover that Knows the Area

Boston is a complicated city – it was designed for people travelling on horse and buggy, after all! Maneuvering through the city is a tall task, especially when large trucks and/or trailers are involved. Many times when using out of town movers, issues arise. A wrong turn or simple miscalculation can turn a rather easy maneuver for a local Boston mover, into a risky one for those who do not understand the roads.

Even those who are moving from afar should consider using a Boston mover when making a move to the Bay State. It is great to support a local hometown moving company as a final goodbye and it is enticing to go with the cheaper, large scale moving companies. However, they do not understand the city like a Boston mover would. A Boston mover would not put your possessions at risk of being damaged or stolen, due to ignorance of not knowing the city.

Besides, when moving to a new city, it’s great to meet as many locals as possible to get a better sense for the city, its night life and other fun things to do.


You Need a Boston Mover that You Can Depend On

In Boston, as in any city, it is hard to find the right movers that you can count on. Too many times, movers are late, take longer in their trip than expected and even break some of your belongings. You need to make sure that your Boston movers will be able to handle all of your possessions with care. That they will be on time and efficient as possible, because at the end of the day, time is precious. We suggest using a Boston moving company that has at least a 4 star rating, 4.5 to be safe.

Get a Referral to a Boston Mover

If you live in the Boston area and are moving to another spot in town, it would be wise to ask around for referrals to the best Boston moving companies. If you are moving from out of town, but know people in the Boston area, try contacting them to see if they have anyone that they can refer you to. If you know no one in the city, there are plenty of online chat places and social media channels for you to peruse. Worst comes to worst, rely on Yelp or Google reviews to find you a trustworthy Boston mover.


Ensure the Legitimacy of the Boston Moving Company

Many moving companies may be small and illegitimate. As Entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the draw of starting without having the necessary documents in line. However, you cannot fully trust a moving company if they are a) licensed and insured and b) professionally accredited. Make sure that the Boston moving company that you decide to utilize, has all of the necessary documentation in place to legally transfer and handle your belongings.