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Boston Mover - What to Expet

What do Expect on Moving Day From Your Boston Mover

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You have been working so hard to prepare for this day. You hosted a yard sale to rid yourself of unnecessary items. Maybe you even donated much of your belongings to goodwill. You spent hours sorting through all of your possessions. Can you believe how much stuff you have? We’ve been there before. But now it is all (hopefully) stored away in boxes and ready for your move.

Moving day can be a stressful and exhausting series of events. Did you think that the stress would finish once the movers show up? I’m sorry to say this but you are sorely mistaken. In this blog post, we at OnDemand Storage hope to relieve some of your stress through tips from a professional moving and storage company. See below for more details.


Tips to Prepare for Moving Day – Boston Moving Company

  1. Get a good night’s sleep
  2. Sort all boxes/items based on what should be loaded first
  3. Be ready 5 minutes before the agreed upon meet time
  4. Stretch, do some calisthenics, drink some coffee…whatever you need to do to prepare for moving everything
  5. Take a deep breath…you got this


Sort All Boxes and Items Correct

Whether you are using a moving and storage company to help you with your move, or you are imploring the help of some friends, it is important to have everything organized correctly. If you and others are loading boxes onto a truck, it is smart to put larger, heavier items in first. That way you are able to stack other items on top. You also don’t want to be caught struggling at the end of a long day, trying to hoist that old fridge when you would rather just replace the dang thing. Believe me, your legs will give out eventually. It’s best to do the heavier items first.

When it comes to your lighter and fragile boxes, it is smart to put them together and label them accordingly. That way when the moving and storage company, or your friends, are handling them all, they don’t just drop them in a hurry to grab the next box. You want to make sure that all of your possessions are intact. A lack of organization will most assuredly cause damage. Please make sure that you do your part to help others take great care of your items.

Don’t want to handle the organization on your own? Check out our blog post that discusses utilizing professional packers and professional organizers.


When the Boston Movers Arrive, Be Ready

If you are using a moving company to help you with your move, make sure that you are ready. All of your items should be packed away correctly, as mentioned above. Check out our blog post, Tips from a Professional Boston Mover to help you with the preparation process. However, you should prepare in more ways than one.

Your moving day will be a long one. Make sure that you are prepared physically and mentally. If coffee is your jive, make sure to fill up. Drink lots of water. It is smart to stretch in order to prepare your body for the moving day. You will be lugging boxes and heavy items all day long. The last thing that you need is a pulled muscle or strained back. It may even be smart to invest in a back brace, if you are handling the move without the help of a moving company. Most professional services use back braces for moving, why shouldn’t you? Most importantly, get a good night’s sleep the night prior. Especially if you are undergoing long distance moving or even an interstate move, you likely have a long day of travel ahead of you as well. Make sure to get the necessary rest!


Are you preparing for your move and unsure of which professional service to utilize? Check out our blog post explaining why OnDemand Storage is the Best Moving company and view our website for further information!



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