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Why use Storage Units in Boston?

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OnDemand Storage loves Boston, MA because we are born and raised here, but also because there are a million reasons to use storage units in Boston! In this post we are going to outline some of the reasons Bostonians should not only use storage units, but need storage!

1. Four (Legitimate) Seasons – If you live on the white sand beaches of Naples or the consistent high 70s of San Diego it makes your life a lot easier! Bostonians must deal with and prepare for four legitimate seasonal changes. This means we have a lot more stuff than people in other areas, making our need for storage real. With temps soaring into the high 90s in July and dipping to well below freezing all winter we obviously need many wardrobes. Storing clothing is a great way to create extra space in your home. Use Wardrobe boxes (pictured below) so you can hang your clothes and they’ll be ready for use right hen you take them out of the box.


Why use Storage Units in Boston?, OnDemand Storage
Storing seasonal clothing creates extra space in your home!

2. Seasonal Sports/ Activities – Make the most of your seasonal sports and hobbies by putting the gear into a storage unit when you cannot use it! Playing ice hockey is one of a Bostonian’s favorite winter pastimes, but the bag is bulky and the equipment stinks! Remove it from your apartment dwelling by scheduling a pick up here. Do you like to bike to work in summer/ early fall? Well you can’t when the roads are covered in ice and snow! Bicycle storage is a great way to maximize the space in your closet for your bulky winter jackets and snow pants. Also, you can exchange your bicycle for your skis so when the weather warms up you can always ensure that you have the maximum amount of space.


3. Small/Expensive Dwellings – Some parts of Boston the average price per sf of space is upwards of $1100! If you’re going to pay such a premium to live in one of the best cities in the world make sure you can enjoy the space best carpet cleaning near me. Storage units in Boston can help make your experience in Boston better because it can allow you to not feel cramped even though many your dwelling may be small!


OnDemand Storage provides Self Storage in Boston, but we provide convenient pick up and delivery of your items at your request. We have an intuitive online platform that allows you to be in control of your storage unit from the comfort of your home!