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Winter Storage Tips

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Winter in Massachusetts is brutally cold and unfortunately frigid temps and snowfall force residents to find indoor storage options for their belongings. Offsite winter storage helps create more usable space in your home or garage for the necessities. Let’s talk about some of the most common items that make it worth it use winter storage.

  1. Summer Clothes – There is nothing worse than having a closet full of clothes that you cannot wear. When temps hit the low 20’s, the sun dresses and swim shorts are not going to cut it. Why waste your valuable closet space on items you cannot use? Put your summer clothes in a wardrobe box, which comes equipped with a convenient hanger that allows you to wear clothes right out the box, helping avoid a $300 dry cleaning bill after your storage period. Utilize winter storage to free up closet space to help eliminate unneeded stress.
  2. Sports gear – storing out of season sporting gear is a great way to free up space. Unless you have some screws loose you won’t be biking through town when there is snow all over the ground. Instead, opt for the cross country skis or snow shoes to get where you need to be. Same goes for the golf clubs, you will not be getting out for some twilight until April, so get them out of your space!
  3. Recreational Gear – Boats, ATVs, dirt, bikes. moped, skateboards, etc. are difficult to use during the winter months. You may find yourself enjoying the extra space by getting those items in storage. Just be sure to remove all the gas from engine based vehicles. Also, consider storing all of the accessories that go a long with the fun recreational activities as they only create chaos and end up getting lost!

In short, do not clutter your home or garage during the winter months by trying to hang onto everything use year round. Seasons change and that makes it impossible to wear our favorite clothes or use our boats. What’s the best way to store? Call OnDemand Storage because we provide pick up, storage, and on demand return, so when the seasons change – you wont’ have to lift a finger to get your stuff back!