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Apartment Moving in Boston

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Boston is a city that’s exploding! With over 7,000 new condos already proposed and approved for the next few years, many residents will need a moving and storage service that specializes in Boston. Whether you’re a college student or a seasoned working professional, apartment moving in Boston is a niche skill, here some things to consider:

Does my apartment have an elevator?

Moving companies charge an hourly rate, that in peak seasons can range anywhere from $100/hr to $250/hr for two men and one moving vehicle. Having an elevator will help speed up the process making your overall cost lower. However, if you have to move couches, dressers, and beds up and down the narrow stairwells of a Boston Brownstone – then you’re going to need the professional help so you don’t damage your valuables or hurt yourself!

Understanding the layout of your specific building and the way that will change the cost of your move is important to feeling comfortable in proceeding with your mover.

Packing Help

Do you need help packing? Again, there are two viewpoints. Typically, if you pack your boxes the cost of your move will be lower, however, the mover’s insurance may not extend fully to items that are packed by owner (PBO). If you’re not a professional packer then it may be wise to allow the moving company to do the packing even though you’ll likely incur a cost for materials and hourly labor. Although, what’s the point of moving your stuff if its going to get broken? Let the pros do it!

Parking Permits/ Service Elevators

Boston is not a city known for its unlimited parking. Therefore, you’ll need to reserve the spot in front of your residence for your mover. This can be done by going to the City of Boston’s website. If your building has a service elevator you should reserve that for a 2-6hr window depending on the complexity and size of your move. This can typically be done by making arrangements with the concierge at your building.


Being able to go seamlessly between apartments is a luxury in Boston. Often there are a few days or weeks between leases. During this time, you may need a temporary place to put your items. A traditional self-storage unit is not your best option because it will require a lot of physical labor from you. Check out our services, OnDemand Storage, we provide pickup, storage, and delivery of stored items when you need them. You’ll be able to access your items in storage via our web application that categorizes and photographs items so you get the benefits of self-storage without the “self” part!

Move Off Cycle

If you can avoid moving from May-September you’re going to save yourself A LOT of money. Moving companies are swamped during these dates allowing them to raise their hourly rates dramatically best maid service near me. Furthermore, if you can move into October or November you’ll get lower rates and likely get more talented movers ensuring your items travel from A to B in the best hands possible while saving money – pretty good deal!

Student Apartments

Boston is known for its dense College and University populations. Allston, Brighton, Cambridge, and more are full of students who elect to live off campus to enjoy the freedom away from dorms. If you need moving and storage during the beginning, end, or middle of the year OnDemand Storage can help! We store 1000s of students every academic year. Our custom sign up process allows students to select their off-campus location and have ODS movers come right to their apartment! We also provide packing materials and help. Move and store the smart way – with OnDemand