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Use Commercial Storage for Warehousing Needs

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Are you running an operation that requires lots of equipment and/or inventory? It is difficult for companies to handle the storage of their products and equipment on their own. Especially for a newer company, purchasing a space large enough to store everything can be difficult as overhead can be costly. If you are looking to keep overhead costs as cheap as possible, while still providing a high quality product/service, it is wise to consider commercial storage for your warehousing needs. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of commercial storage, the positives and the negatives.


Off-Site Commercial Storage

Off-site commercial storage is a great way to store your business items. With this option, a company is able to relocate their products/equipment to a place that offers storage space for businesses. In this situation, there are a few different setups that you may want to consider. A company that sends products from overseas to their customers, may consider utilizing a third party logistics business storage service. In working with a third party logistics coordinator, products are shipped from overseas to a storage organization that then sends the products to its final destination: the customer. No more will you have to worry about getting the address correct. No matter will you have to worry about redistributing products. Instead, the third party logistics company will handle it all for you.

The other type of off-site commercial storage is much more straight forward. Does your company have a lot of on hand products and/or equipment? If so, it may be wise to store your items off-site. Some companies offer full service storage, meaning that they handle pickup and drop off. You just have to be ready to accept. This will make your storage experience much better. A full service storage company helps you to avoid traffic, unexpected delays and so much more. If you partner with a company that offers local storage with pickup, life becomes much easier for you.


Onsite Commercial Storage

If you require regular access to your company’s equipment and need everything to remain secure, it is wise to invest in an onsite commercial storage unit. Commercial storage is setup differently than standard storage, and is focused on making business operations easier for your organization. If you have space for onsite storage, than renting a commercial storage unit is likely the best way to go about this. For example, using commercial storage is necessary for construction companies. Imagine without it, construction workers would be forced to unload and reload their trucks every day. That is a lot of wasted time, and therefore money as well. A commercial storage unit adds a level of security as well, as most people are unable to break in and steal a company’s belongings.


Warehousing is Inefficient

Still not convinced? Thinking of purchasing your own warehouse center? If you are a company that is growing rapidly and needs its own warehouse to keep up with supply and demand, purchasing a warehouse may be a great option. However, if your company is in a spot where a warehouse is too expensive and too much work early on, it may be wise to utilize a commercial storage option while you work up the funding to purchase a warehouse. Warehouses require a lot of time and effort. Commercial storage is immediate.


Work with OnDemand Storage for Commercial Storage Needs

OnDemand storage offers high level commercial storage options to companies looking to change their current setup. We offer full service storage, for companies that do not want to deal with the hassle of picking up and dropping off your items. We offer onsite commercial storage units for organizations. Lastly, we offer third party logistics storage for companies looking to improve operations.

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