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Boston is a city growing and changing at a rapid pace. There are currently 7,500 new units under construction or slated for development inside the city’s boundaries. Also, major corporations, like GE, Reebok, and (hopefully) Amazon’s HQ2 will continue to change the landscape by adding jobs. Relocation to Boston will soar to an all time in 2019 and in all likelihood continue for years to come. For newcomers and Boston veterans alike moving in Boston is difficult as each neighborhood is unique and serves a different demographic. When selecting a moving company in Boston make sure the company is familiar with your neighborhood so they can properly execute your move in an efficient and effective manner.

Let’s take a brief look at some of Boston’s different neighborhoods and how a Boston mover should be able to react to different situations.

South Boston

Undoubtedly Boston’s hottest neighborhood for individuals 23-35, or millennials, and in the next year alone 44% of millennials plan to move , that means that in just South Boston almost 3,000 induvial will move in 2019. Make sure you can find a moving company that is located near Boston that has experience in South Boston.  South Boston has a unique mix of 1900s “triple deckers” and brand-new buildings that cost millions to build. For the newer, professionally managed buildings your mover will most likely need a certificate of insurance from their insurance company before the building will let them move you. However, the mover will have access to freight elevators making your move easy and painless. On the other hand, a “triple dekcer” won’t require as much preparation and paperwork, but you’ll need an experienced South Boston mover to carry bulky furniture up, down, and around tricky corners.


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Boston's South Boston Neighborhood

South End

Boston’s South End is the gateway to the Copley and Back Bay area where thousands of commuters travel to work every day.  The South End is home to Brownstone-lined streets where a 1000 sf condo can fetch millions of dollars. Needless to say, a high-end mover who has experience moving large and expensive furniture is a must! Brownstone’s can be surprisingly tricky to maneuver in and are typically in pristine condition. A South End move is not a job for a novice, but for a seasoned and experience moving company with local knowledge.


South End Moving

North End

The North End is every tourist favorite part of Boston as the streets are packed with authentic Italian restaurants and great places to grab a canoli or gelato after a delicious meal. However, any Boston resident knows how difficult driving down Hanover St. or Salem St. (especially in a truck) is! Narrow streets and virtually no parking make experience highly valued when moving. Especially during busy times of the year May, June, & September be sure to request parking permits weeks to months is advance to ensure your mover has a place to park. Without a permit a Boston moving company knows it may not be able to successfully complete your North End Move.


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Other Important Moving Tips

Understanding the Boston lease cycle

This is important to understanding moving in and around Boston. Known for it’s higher education, Boston sees dramatic increases in move volume during May, June, & September. If you’re not a student it may be difficult (or expensive) to find a qualified mover during his time. A suggestion would to be try to plan your move for a slower month like November or January. If this is not an option for you then definitely book a mover 2+ months in advance to ensure you can get the proper vehicles and workers you need to have your move done in a timely fashion.

How much do moves cost?

In-state moving is typically charged at an hourly rate. The rate is driven by three factors: number of movers, the vehicle needed, and the amount of time the job takes. For two men and one 20ft truck, which commonly services as a benchmark for a 2 BR apartment move, can cost anywhere from $99/hr. up to $225/hr. depending on the company and more importantly the time of year. Other factors include: additional services like storage, junk removal, etc. Out-of-State moving is priced by “weight”, meaning each item has a weight which is determined by a cube sheet and then the sum of all of your items determines the total weight. This is a federal law and the methodology of quoting will be the same at every moving company, through the actual prices will vary.

Do Boston Movers Offer Storage?

Every move is unique and requires different details to be ironed out. As often is the case, a direct A to B move is not realistic and the business, individual, or family moving need short term (or long term) storage. Finding a convenient storage option at a reasonable price should be priority #1. OnDemand Storage provides a unique twist on moving & storage in Boston. OnDemand will retrieve your items from your home and transport them to storage. ODS creates a virtual unit that you can log into at any time to see pictures, manage, and request items for return. Moving is stressful there is no need to complicate by trying to remember storage unit passcodes or renting U-Haul’s to retrieve items.

Hopefully our guide to Boston movers has been helpful and worth your time! If you have any questions or want to schedule a move or storage pickup please reach out via or call us at 781-4990-5330!