How to Prepare for a Move

How to Prepare for A Move?

With spring on the horizon, we can expect home sales to skyrocket! Selling a home is an exciting, stressful, and scary time in life. There are countless details that get overlooked because we’re forced to prioritize financing, lawyers, and getting the deal closed. Despite the importance of all the mentioned above, once you close you’ll likely have to be out of your current home immediately (maybe even before).  As you go room to room you’ll notice just how much “stuff” you’ve accumulated. Are you stressed about how to pack for your move? This guide can help you through the process, although you’ll still have to pack yourself!

Preparing for an upcoming move

Junk Removal

Liberating for some but stressful for others; you should get rid of everything that you do not use on a regular basis or need. The more you have, the more difficult moving will be. If you have duplicates, old things, ugly things, weird things – trash it. Check out this blog on minimalist living for a few tips about getting rid of clutter. If you need junk removal in the Greater Boston Area try giving OnDemand Storage a call they can provide full service storage as well as junk removal and other helpful services.

Junk removal before moving


If you put usable or high-quality items into the “junking” category give donating a try. There are always people in need and sometimes items that you no longer need can be treasure to someone else. Learning how to pack for a move can have positive outcomes, too! Here are some of the more popular place to donate gently used clothing:

Donate clothing through on demand storage


With so many apps that make selling stuff quick and easy, if you have things of monetary value then try selling them. Whether you use Let Go, Facebook, Ebay, Poshmark or a local consignment shop. Often times lightly worn designer clothing and handbags can fetch some serious money!

Local consignment shop

Pick the Best Day

Scheduling your move at least 30 days in advance is best to ensure you give yourself time to be prepared for your moving day. The more packed and prepared you can be the more money you’ll save. Moving companies charge hourly so the more packing the higher the bill is going to be. Another great way to save is to move before the spring (or summer) moving rush. Furthermore, weekdays typically have lower moving costs.

Moving in Boston

Make a Moving Plan

Get a calendar and mark moving tasks every few days for the 30 days leading up the move. This will help make moving manageable. Slow and steady wins the race, an old saying, but it definitely applies here!

Schedule your move

Label, Label, Label

The biggest mistake you can make is to not label furniture and/or boxes properly. If every box is labeled perfectly the movers will know exactly where it should be put. Even better, you won’t have to spend 5 hours re-moving all of your stuff. Labeling is tedious, but well worth it!

Label items for easy moving

OnDemand Storage

Moving is a stressful but exciting time! A new adventure surely means you’ll be getting new things and are ready to create new memories. However, saying goodbye to old belongings is never easy- or necessary. OnDemand’s full service storage makes keeping old things more convenient and cheaper than ever. Our storage plans start at $10/month and include pickup, storage, delivery, as well as virtual storage unit to request items back on-demand!

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