5 Reasons to Consider a Move to Boston

There are many reasons to consider a move to Boston, as a Boston based company OnDemand Storage feels uniquely qualified to offer insight into some of the best things Boston has to offer. If you want to check 30 other reasons to move to Boston check out this article here.

Economics – Boston has a local economy of almost $370 Billion. Wow! Boston is one of the greatest places to start or move a business, we have the worlds brightest minds and loads of young talent to help you grow.

Sports – Title town! Are you an avid sports fan? We know you probably hate Boston sports teams, that is until you move to Boston. When you can root for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, it suddenly becomes a lot more fun!

Schools – Boston is home to some of the most prestigious public school systems, private and/or prep schools, and universities.  If you move to Boston for academics you’ll have the opportunity to learn at the highest level. Boston is home to Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, MIT, and many others. If you have a young family or are planning to, check out this article here (hint: MA has the best public schools in America).

History – We have an extremely rich history that will make your move to Boston exciting! Boston is one of the oldest cities in America and was instrumental in the early years of our nation. Whether you walk through the cobblestone streets of the North End or the gentrified brownstones of the south end you are going to be following in the footsteps of some of our nations founders including Paul Revere and John Adams!

Great Food – A move to Boston will open a new world of possibilities for your taste buds! Boston is home to many different kinds of restaurants. Go to Boston’s North End for authentic Italian food that can only be rivaled in Italy or head to the Seaport District and enjoy the east coasts best seafood straight out of the ocean. Boston has hundreds of great restaurants that will keep your Friday and Saturday nights occupied for years.