Moving After a Divorce

Moving after a divorce is an extremely difficult process. Despite the emotional stress and trauma one goes through after the end of a marriage are the financial and day to day aspects. One of the biggest moving after a divorce, where do I go? what do I do now? These are common questions, hopefully this can give you some direction.

  1. When moving after a divorce consider renting – You just went from living with 3-5 people in your home and now you are going to be living a lone most of the time, you should take time to see how this affects your lifestyle. Maybe you begin to eat out more, maybe you only use two rooms instead of the 12 you used before. The point is things are changing, and so are your needs. Try renting what you think you may need, and if it goes well then consider buying.
  2. Become adjusted to new costs – Unfortunately, you are going to have new costs. Whether it be alimony or child support payments, times have changed. Your relative income level is going to decline after your divorce.
  3. Sell your home as quickly as possible – If your spouse is moving as well then you may want to consider trying to sell the home as quickly as possible. Whether you rent or buy there are going to be down payments to banks or realtors/landlords. Paying a mortgage on top of these costs can be overbearing and only add more stress.
  4. Find Storage – You may decide on renting a fully furnished condo to avoid having to buy furniture etc. on top of the aforementioned costs. Also, you’ll surely want to take some items with you. You may not have room or a need for them immediately, but you may want you will want them eventually, so it will be nice to keep some of your valued possessions safe and sound.

Moving after a divorce is a difficult and stressful time. Try to consider some of the potential issues that are mentioned above to make it a little easier. We wish you the best of luck!