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OnDemand Storage is the Best Moving and Storage Service in Boston

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Are you moving? Do you need additional storage space? Do you live in the Boston, MA area? Then look no further! OnDemand Storage is a full-fledged Moving and Storage Service located in Boston, Massachusetts. We service customers up and down the East Coast, and as far as the Midwest. We strive for customer satisfaction, timeliness and effectiveness in our work.


What do we have that most moving and storage companies don’t?

Here at OnDemand Storage, we have a strong and cooperative team that is  focused on serving you, our customer. We understand that your schedule is important to your livelihood. With that being said, our movers are always on time for pickup or drop off. Our team will respond to your questions, comments or concerns in a timely manner. Our team handles customers’ belongings with care.

We are experienced Boston storage experts, and are able to help you with any of your storage needs. Our years of experience in the Boston storage industry provides us with knowledge and connections that many other storage companies cannot boast. We are able to find you the correct storage space that fits your wants, your needs and most importantly, your budget.


What special storage service offerings does ODS provide?

OnDemand Storage provides storage services to an array of customers. OnDemand Storage started in a dorm room. Because of this, we continue to serve College students at a multitude of schools in America. As former Babson College students, the founders of ODS focused on Boston storage, and branched out from there. Click here to view all schools in America that we serve.

OnDemand Storage also provides storage services to Businesses. We help businesses of all types and sizes, that are either in a moving or in a transitional phase, by providing them with storage services: pickup, storage and drop-off. We understand that things happen quickly and are able to pick up and return belongings on-demand, in an efficient manner. We also understand that every company is different and has different wants/needs. After all, we are Entrepreneurs as well.

Does every moving company do storage as well?

No, not all moving companies are able to store your stuff. Most moving companies only deal with shipping and transport. This is a major differentiator in working with us here at OnDemand Storage. We are able to help you in your moves in all aspects: pick up, storage and drop off. If you only need storage, we are able to provide you those services. Just need help with a move? We do that as well! Click here to send us a message of inquiry for our services and we will respond shortly.

Convenient moving and storage service in Boston

OnDemand Storage is a strong and unique company that provides high level customer service and a plethora of service offerings in the moving and storage industry. Our uniqueness, coupled with a strong work ethic ultimately leads to overall customer satisfaction. Are you looking for Boston storage or Boston movers? Look no further!



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