Planning for Your Semester Abroad

Between different weather patterns, rapidly changing temperatures and distance, packing for a semester abroad in a different country can be difficult. You may not know what to expect at first, and since you’ll be so far from home you’ll need to make sure you have appropriate belongings with you. Follow these tips before packing for a semester abroad!

Check the Local Weather

While you pack, make sure you look at local ten-day forecasts online and add your temporary location to your weather app on your phone. Take a look and see what the temperature looks like, current storm tracking and whether or not windchill is factored in. If you’re planning on spending the winter abroad, make sure you pack warm, sturdy boots that you can walk in as well as a comfortable and functional winter coat. For warmer days when rain may be a factor, pack a light rain jacket to stay dry.

Pack for Function

Between weight limits on the airplane, weekend trips to neighboring cities and landmarks and the amount of time you’ll be away, space will be a valuable commodity in your suitcase and carryon. Make sure the items you are taking with you are functional, not just for fashion. Leave the boots you cannot walk in or the jacket that won’t protect against the weather at home, especially if you’re running out of space. Pack at least one pair of shoes that you are comfortable walking in for long distances, as well as one pair of dress shoes for events or nice dinners. If you have toiletries you prefer, take travel sizes to use when you start to feel homesick. Items like toiletries can be purchased locally.  You should also make sure you have a universal adapter and cords for all of your electronics.

Move Your Items Into Storage

Moving things back and forth between home and school can be tedious and exhausting. Before you leave school for your new adventure, take any items you’ll need for next semester and put them into virtual storage. At OnDemand Storage, we will be able to pick up your items before you leave and keep them in our facility until you return, dropping them off at your new dorm. You’ll never need to step foot into the unity!

Virtual Student Storage in Boston

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