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Prepare for your upcoming move

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Do you have an upcoming move? Moving is stressful, so we have compiled a list of things to keep in mind, to help you keep your peace of mind!


1. Call Several Moving Companies – While on the surface a moving company may seem the exact same as the next one – this is not true! There are many differentiating factors to be considered when choosing a company. Obviously, price is an important factor. Many moving companies charge from the time they turn their truck on until the time they return back to their place of business. Even though company A may have a cheaper rate (hourly), company B may have much better proximity to your move, shortening the overall time it takes to complete the job.

Are your belongings very nice? Do you have specialty items? Where are you in your life financially? If your belongings are extremely high-end you may want to consider using a company that specializes in moving expensive and delicate belongings. While it may seem nice to save a few dollars, filing an insurance claim is timely and In reality there is no doubt you’ll fight for every dollar. If you have a specialty item, most commonly a pool table or a piano you may want to consider having a specialized mover come for that one item. Again, there will be no cost savings using this method, but your chance of success is much higher. There are several specialty movers that can move an expensive and delicate piano with ease and proper insurance in the event of a tragedy.

If you’re a year out of college living in an apartment in Boston, MA you may want to consider using a company on the cheaper end of the scale. This can save you valuable dollars while you’re still getting used to paying rent and student loans. ODS does recommend asking questions about their insurance policies to make sure you are fully covered even if your belongings are not worth exorbitant amounts of money.

2. Pack with a Plan – We can stress this enough, whether you’re moving your items to an on demand storage unit or to your new home a packing plan is of the utmost importance. By packing like items with one another it makes unpacking, or requesting items from storage a breeze. Organization is key and also you can make your life a lot easier by following these tricks:

  • Put heavy items in a rolling suitcase
  • Pack all your accessories before movers get there [This will significantly shorten the total time of the move]
  • Label all boxes in the same location to prevent searching or label location [i.e. top left corner]

3. Start Packing Early – Starting a month before your move is a great idea because it will directly correlate to your organization. If you try to cram you may not have enough time (or patience) to label and pack correctly. Starting early will undoubtedly make your move less stressful.

4. Schedule Ahead of Time- The best way to lock in a competitive rate is to book months in advance. A moving company in Boston is more likely to give you a better rate if you call ahead. Remember many people need moves at the same time when lease terms end or begin, therefore booking early makes it easier for the company to build their schedule and they will reward you financially for it. Calling last minute is a sure fire way to not be able to find a mover or be subject to extremely expensive hourly rates.