FAQs: Student Storage and Shipping

General Questions

We are the #1 student storage option because we have the best prices, most convenient service, greatest employees, and the largest box in student storage. We designed our processes with students in mind so we can provide top notch service to students and their families. We help you focus on the things that matter like finishing the year strong, preparing for interviews, and traveling safely. We promise to take great care of your belongings while you're away from campus!

If you want to find ODS Box Days and designated pickup days at your school then go to your school dedicated page. Each school has a calendar that is dedicated only to your school. ODS employees will actively update this calendar and clearly mark important days. Reach out with any additional questions!

Yes, we provide full service shipping including:

  • Pickup of items to be shipped
  • International or domestic shipping (up to 40% discount)
  • Learn more under "Shipping FAQs"


Local Moving

  • Are you looking for local moving?
  • ODS can help you with your A to B moving needs. We have vast network of A+ rated movers.  Please email info@ondemandstorage.com or call 781-499-5330 to learn more about full service moving at your school.
  • We deliver boxes (and packing materials) during the last week of class
  • You pack your items/ schedule a pickup day
  • We pick up your items either curbside or in your room
  • When you're back on campus we deliver your items to you.

We genuinely care about the well-being of your items. All ODS facilities are climate controlled to ensure items are in a comfortable and safe environment.

All ODS facilities are located just a few miles from your respective campus. We work hard to find secure and climate controlled facilities near every college and university we service. You never have to worry about your Items going far!

Sign Up Process

Signing for ODS is easy. Click here and our website will take you through the sign up process.

We service over 40 schools in 10+ states. There is a good chance we service your school. Go to the Find My School to find your college or university. If you want more information about your school's relevant dates/locations etc. go to your school's dedicated page.

Yes, we require that you enter a credit card to confirm your pickup time. You'll be charged $10 when your card goes in to confirm it is valid and hold our reservation. You will not be charged for your order until all of your items have been successfully picked up and stored with ODS.

No! We took the time to build a virtual storage unit where you can add photos of your items... for you! You'll never forget what you have in storage or its condition when you upload photos of your belongings. If you decide later on you want to add photos no big deal just click into your "My Unit" feature and select photos to upload!

Overall, its a useful perk we offer, but you do not have to use it if you do not want to.

Don't worry about it! We just ask to do your best to estimate so we can be prepared to execute the job successfully. We understand things change when packing and we fully expect it will differ - just your best guess is all we ask for.

Keeping track of your items has never been easier than with our virtual unit. You can upload photos so you don't forget. However, you'll also receive a physical sheet at pickup with a detailed list of what you have. ODS will also keep a copy of this sheet so there is no discrepancy!

ODS Packing Materials

The ODS Box Kit includes:

  • 5 Packing boxes
  • 1 Roll of tape
  • TV/Mirror box
  • Shipped to your on/ off campus address:

Ordered separately here



At the following locations students can pick up their packing materials on campus and do not need to order the ODS Box Kit ahead of time.

  • Northeastern
  • Babson
  • Bentley
  • Wentworth

The date/ location can be found on your school dedicated page.


Pickup Day

On pickup day, our trucks will be on/off campus at your school. We will be executing pickups according to times students requested when they signed up. You'll be asked to select a pickup window and we ask that you be ready during that window for pickup. At certain locations, we will reach out and confirm your pickup details ahead of time (1-3 days).

You can expect ODS to be on time and ready to work professionally and efficiently. If you are not fully packed when we arrive we may not be able to wait depending on the rest of the schedule. Please have your items ready for storage when we arrive.

Curbside - you bring items to street level so ODS can load items efficiently and leave costs $0

Full service - we come into your dorm or apartment and retrieve all of your belongings costs $25

We cannot offer packing services on pickup days. However, at certain schools we offer packing help for $50/hr/packer in the days leading up to pickups. It varies by location so please reach out to learn more or if you need help packing.

Yes! During the sign up process you'll be asked if you live on or off campus. If you live off campus you'll be prompted to enter your address.

You can change your pickup time from your virtual unit. You'll see "upcoming appointments" and then you can edit. However, if you edit within 48 hours of your pickup time you will not receive first priority, though we will do our best to fulfill. If you need to change your pickup date, then please call 855.216.6617.

You can sign up the day of your pickup or even on the spot during an ODS pickup day. However, students that are signed up 7 days before there scheduled pickup time receive priority. We want to help you with your student storage needs so we'll do everything we can to help you!

Yes, please order an ODS Box Kit Here.

  • Anyone can order a kit to their on or off campus residence hall.

Pickup windows are usually between 2-4 hour timeslots when ODS can guarantee we'll be able to service your pickup. We do ask you be available for your whole window. If you cannot be there a friend or family member can stand in for you. Also, at most locations you can schedule and exact time pickup if speak to associate leading up to your pickup day. Additional costs are associated with exact time pickups.

  • please note it is your responsibility to provide ODS the new and updated phone number for a friend or family inside your account.
  • The number inside your account details is the # that will be used for pickup.

Storage Questions

We store items close to your campus. We have a whole team dedicated to finding clean, climate controlled spaces close to college or university campuses. You'll never have to worry about the environment or the location of your items.

If you wish to pickup your belongings from an ODS Storage Center please email info@ondemandstorage.com of call 781-499-5330. Also, please note additional costs will be applied. ODS will be happy to provide a quote for this service before

A storage period is defined as one of three periods:

  • Summer Storage - From the end of the spring semester to the beginning of fall semester. This also includes Summer Session(s) 1 & 2. These terms are not pro-rated and fall into the summer category.
  • Fall Storage - the beginning of fall semester until the end of fall semester
  • Spring semester - the end of fall semester to the beginning of spring semester (including winter term).

If you wish to schedule a special delivery please reach out to an associate through jobs@ondemandstorage.com or 781-499-5330. Please note the starting cost for a special delivery is $100.

Special Delivery: Any delivery request that falls outside the dates listed in the ODS system. ODS listed dates always coincide with the college/university/insitution scheduled move in days for maximum convenience for the most number of people.

Yes! We do store furniture. However there are some things we do not take:

Large couches (some locations)

Assembled bed frames (Ikea/ or similar)

Trundle beds

large refrigerators

We will store loose items such as a trash bin, laundry , or microwave.

We will not store a trash bin or laundry basket that has other items inside of them. All bins should be secure with a top so items inside cannot be lost.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Firearms
  • drugs
  • liquids
  • perishables
  • explosives
  • original artwork
  • unboxed TVs
  • Trundle beds
  • Illegal substances
  • ETC.

Return Questions

Log into your customer account. Check the box on one or all of your items and then click "Schedule Drop Off" and then follow the process. Or call ODS and speak to an associate.

Delivery = $25

Special Request = Begins at $100

ODS strives to serve 1000s of students storage needs every year. We understand there are unique situations and sometimes thing happen expectantly. ODS chooses delivery days that coincide with College/University designated move-in days. Meaning, at every University/College there are 2-4 days (depending on the school) when curbside deliveries are FREE & and in room deliveries cost $25. We purposely choose these days as to give the best service and pricing to as many customers as possible.

However, if you need special accommodations outside outside of the designated return window additional fees will apply. A special delivery drop off starts at $100.

Yes, just request your items to be delivered to your off campus address when you schedule your drop off via your customer account. Please reach out beforehand as additional costs may apply depending on the distance from campus or type of residence.

We will store loose items such as a trash bin, laundry , or microwave.

We will not store a trash bin or laundry basket that has other items inside of them. All bins should be secure with a top so items inside cannot be lost.

Shipping Questions

During the sign up process you'll be asked if you need shipping

  1. Ship immediately - we pickup your items at your apartment or dorm and then ship them within 4-8 business days
  2. Store and ship later - we pickup items for storage at your dorm or apartment and then keep them in storage. At pickup we'll gather more information about the shipping process. If you aren't sure when you items need to be shipped you can call ODS when they're ready and we'll ship them to you.

Domestic Shipping:

We use FedEx as our shipping partner and all insurance claims will be handled by FedEx

International Shipping:

We use DHL as our international shipping partner. All claims will be handled through DHL.

Shipping is based off of weight and size. The larger and heavier your packages are the more they will cost to ship.

You can ship fragile items, however, you'll want to make sure you package items properly. FedEx or DHL may deny your claim if your items are not packaged by them or packaged properly.

  • Glass
  • Electronics
  • Sentimental items
  • Instruments
  • ETC.

When your items go in and out of different countries DHL and Customs are going to go through. To prevent loss or discarding of items and to declare value please fill out the sheet below and give it to your ODS associate at pickup.


Payment Questions

ODS charges on a per-item basis. Every item is categorized based on its size and then assigned a price. Prices may vary by location so check your school dedicated page to see the exact prices at your school. ODS has the cheapest and fairest prices in student storage and we're looking forward to helping you!

Our pricing term(s) is split up into 3 different trimesters (summer, fall, spring). The prices listed on you school dedicated page are the per trimester pricing of each item at your school.

ODS has such fair and cheap prices because we take the time to plan. Planning ahead and using data analytics to find the best warehousing and supplies sourcing we are able to pass the savings onto you - enjoy!

Please reach an associate and we can give you an exact quote. Info@ondemandstorage.com or 781-499-5330

ODS beats the competition on EVERY item. We take pride in being able to help you without breaking the bank! Our prices are 15% cheaper on average than competition!

$10 when you sign up to confirm your card/ appointment. Then you will only be charged after pickup for them items you actually put into storage! Once your storage crosses into a second storage period (summer, fall, or spring) you will be charged on the first day of that period. Please note this charge is non-refundable. You are always pre-paying the entire storage period.

An additional storage period starts when:

  • Your school designated move-in days have passed (summer storage end)
    • Please note delivery spots can fill up. It is your responsibility to schedule at least two weeks in advance.
  • Fall Semester Ends (Move-in through December)
  • Spring Semester Ends (Jan- through End of Spring)
Go Here While we don't like to charge our customers extra fees we have to make sure every customer has a great experience. By signing up late or not thawing your fridge you risk another customer having an unpleasant experience. Thanks for understanding!

After pickup, ODS will charge your card on file within 24-72 hours of pickup. If you want to change your payment method please reach out to ODS and we can change it over the phone. If your card gets declined, an associate will reach out with a phone call and email. If you do not settle your outstanding payment within 7 days the follow fees will apply.

$25 + $1.25/day the invoice is unpaid.

Protection Questions

All items are transported and stored with best practice techniques.

Extra protection:

  • Boxes
  • We recommend putting newspaper or blankets inside boxes or containers with fragile items.

ODS insurance allows you to pay a small fee in exchange for an insurance policy.

The policy is the whole item, not sub-items inside of boxes/bins etc.

Example: $10 for $100 coverage can be applied to the total claim on a box. The $100 coverage is not extended to each individual item inside but a one time payout for the entire contents of that item.


$10 for $100

$25 for $250

$50 for $500