University of Florida Student Storage and Shipping

We are excited to announce that we are working with the University of Florida Division of Student Affairs to provide convenient student storage solutions to the students at the University of Florida during the 2017-2018 academic year. We provide a variety of services for students including: full service storage, shipping, ship to school and semester abroad storage!

Gainesville, FL is a wonderful community and we are thrilled to be a part of it and provide our services to such a prestigious and timeless institution. If you have any questions please reach out to our dedicated associates at 781-499-5330 or 1-855-216-6617.

University of Florida Student Storage

Full Service Summer Storage

Our flagship student storage service includes the following:

  • Delivery of ODS Boxes and packing materials (usually a week or so before pickup) to pre-marked spots on campus
  • Pickup of your stuff at your on campus residence hall or off campus apartment
  • We bring your stuff to our secure warehouse location (only two miles from campus)
  • Delivery to your new on campus residence hall or off campus apartment in the new semester

If you have any special circumstances please let an associate know, we strive to provide five star service to every client.

Semester Abroad Storage

At the University of Florida it is common for students to do an internship during the second semester of the academic year. If you're living off campus and need to sublet your apartment - this is the solution for you!

If you're living on campus and need to get your belongings out of your residence hall and into storage while you're away from UF - this is the solution for you.

Check out this video to see how we can help you while you're away from school

We're servicing any day in December 2018!

Storage Pricing for University of Florida Students

Per - Item Pricing

We leave you in charge of how much you want to pay! How do we do that? Each item is priced differently based on its size. The prices listed are the price for a semester period and NOT a monthly charge. A semester period refers to spring, summer, or fall semester. You may store items as long as you need and will be charged only once a semester.

The ODS Box, which is distributed on campus as spring semester nears it's close is the largest box in student storage. It is 24 x 18 x 18 and costs only $32 to store for the entire summer storage period!

Login for Returning Students Schedule Pick Up

Per Item/ Period


Ironing Board


Step Ladder

Small Rug


Laptop Bag

Shoe Box

Per Item/ Period

Small Bins

Cube Fridge

Small Mirror

Duffle Bag


End Table

Plastic Drawers

Laundry Basket

Per Item/ Period

Clothes Bin

Clothes Rack

Mini Fridge

Mattress Topper


Large Suitcase

TV < 35"

Standing Lamp

Extra Large
Per Item/ Period

Large Bin


Office Chair


TV > 35"

Coffee Table

Large Rug