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The OnDemand Storage Cube: A New Age Storage Service in the Boston Area

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Are you a business owner and have too much equipment to manage? Do you have items sitting around the house that you would prefer to put in storage? Look no further! We at OnDemand Storage are offering people who are looking for storage space, a new way to store their items. Introducing the OnDemand Storage Cube!


What is the OnDemand Storage Cube?

The OnDemand Storage Cube is a 7’ x 7’ x 7’ (350 cubic feet) storage space that affords consumers the ability to store away their unused belongings in an easy and convenient manner. This convenient Storage Cube is designed to hold up to 25 standard moving boxes and all of the stuff that you can fit within! How much does the Storage Cube cost? For a mere $80/month, you will be able to rent your own Storage Cube.


Looking for Storage Space in the Boston Area?

Are you looking for storage space in the Boston area? Look no further! With the Storage Cube, you will be able to safely and conveniently store all of your small – medium sized possessions away for however long it is necessary. All Storage Cubes will be held in our warehouse, safe from any inclement weather.

Disclaimer: the Storage Cube does not hold larger items such as bed sets, dining room tables, book cases and more.


I’m in Boston, where do I find your Storage Cubes?

As mentioned above, we store all Storage Cubes at our warehouse locations. We have warehouse locations in Randolph, Braintree and Bedford, Massachusetts. We have three to make sure that we cover everything in the Boston and South Shore areas!

As far as pickup, delivery and drop off go, we handle everything! All you need to do is prepare your items for storage. We meet you at your desired location, grab everything that you intend to put in storage, and takeover from there. Once you are ready to take out what you have in storage, you contact us and we send our team to your desired location to drop off your belongings.

For tips to help you prepare your items for storage, check out our blog post that will provide you with much of the answers to the questions you may have. In the event that you only need a couple boxes from your Storage Cube, it is smart to organize all of your belongings in an efficient and effective manner. Check out our blog post that outlines how to best organize your items for storage!



The OnDemand Storage Cube is the safest and most efficient way to pack your belongings away for an extended period of time. All that you need to do is pack your belongings. We handle the rest. We are punctual in our work and will arrive at the agreed upon time to pick up and drop off your belongings. The OnDemand Storage Cube is also the cheapest way to pack your belongings. For the price of $80 per month, we keep your belongings stored away in our warehouse where the safekeeping of your belongings is our utmost priority.

Stress free and cheap storage. The way that it should be.

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