What Should I Consider When Choosing Storage in Boston?

What should I consider when choosing storage in Boston?

As a major metropolitan area, the options for storage in Boston are many. However, there are a wide range of services, prices, and strategies that companies use that have a huge impact on your experience with storage.

By assessing your storage needs you’ll be able to rule out some options immediately. You should first answer the following questions:

How long do you need storage?

If you need short term storage you will likely go through a lot physical stress using a self-storage facility in Boston. Between renting a truck, loading it up, and then repeating the process, for less than three months of storage it may not be worth saving a few bucks. Even though it will be more expensive to use a traditional moving company, they will provide top notch pickup, crate storage, and then re-delivery when you’re ready. However, for two men and one truck it can be as much as $150/hour and then $75-$100/month for storage. Often times, there are four hour minimums!

Lock on storage unit

How often do you need access to my stuff in storage?

If you need access to your stored items daily, then your best option is a POD. PODs will deliver a portable storage unit to your home that stays on-site. There are pros and cons to PODs. Pros: having your stored stuff on site allows you to easily access it without an interaction with any other third party. Cons: You will have to keep a large (and unsightly) POD in your front yard. Also, PODs can be quite pricey including $99 pickup/delivery, $200/month, and you have to complete all the labor. Furthermore, if you live in an urban part of the city this may not be an option due to a lack of space to house the POD.

If you never need to access your stored items then we suggest a traditional self-storage unit or a storage company that picks up your belongings at your home.

POD Storage

Do you need help moving your items?

If you need help moving your items to storage then your best option is full service storage. What is full service storage? It’s a new phenomenon sweeping through the self-storage industry that allows consumers to schedule a pickup of items headed to storage. You will also have a virtual storage unit that includes high quality images of your items in storage that can be requested back at anytime you please. “On-demand” storage, as it is referred to, is storage for the 21st century and provides the convenient monthly pricing that is actually cheaper than self-storage on a per square foot basis.

Virtual Storage Unit

Try using OnDemand Storage, it is a Boston-based company that provides convenient pickup, secure storage, and on-demand return. We take pride in taking care of your valuables because that’s what they are to us. OnDemand Storage’s pricing is cheaper than self-storage and only costs $30/hour/pickup specialist with the average being one hour. That’s right, when a moving company in Boston is charging $150/hour, we are charging $30/hour. The average 10’x10’ climate controlled storage unit in Boston costs $186/month, while OnDemand Storage only costs $150/month for the same amount of space. We are committed to helping you save money on storage!


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