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Moving in Boston

Move in Day for Students who Have Items in Boston Storage

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Summer is over! You may be sad since it means colder weather is on the way and that studies will resume shortly. Yet, you are excited to reunite with your friends at school and return to life on or off campus. Soon you will be leaving home and travelling to school in the Boston area. We hope that you are ready to be surrounded by the loud and proud Patriots fans, who will most definitely let you know that they are the best dynasty to ever play in a professional sport.

Regardless, there are the basic needs that you will have to cover as you return to school on move in day. You’ll need to plan your trip to the Boston area. You will need to organize a ride to wherever you are going to live in Boston, once you arrive. And you will need to pay a visit to your storage unit to get your items out of storage, so that you may officially move in to your new place.

To help make your move in day easier, we will provide advice in this blog, on how to best transfer your items from Boston storage, to your new abode.


Plan Ahead

Make life easier on yourself. Plan ahead. As we mention in Find the Best Student Storage Option, availability for every storage company is different. You want to make sure that you time your return to the Boston area, so that you are able to visit your storage space in the same day. You have most, if not all of your possessions from the previous year locked in storage. Don’t you think you may need some of it to get you through the first day (i.e. sheets, pillows, shower supplies, etc.)? If you are moving into a place on campus, the ‘Plan Ahead’ step is especially important, as there are specific times students are given to move in by the university.


Rent a U-Haul…or Ask Your Friends for Help

Chances are that if you are travelling into the Boston area from afar to return to school, you do not have a car or any other means of transportation. The cheapest way to solve this problem is to ask a friend with a car for help to move your items. But if you do not have a friend who is available to help you with your move, or if you do not want to burden anyone, renting a U-Haul may be the easiest and best method. You will not be able to fit all of your belongings in an Uber or Lyft, and most drivers would be reluctant to help you or even transport your items.


Go Directly to the Site of Your Storage Services

Save time and headaches. Immediately after arriving in the Boston area, go straight to your storage space to gather your items and leave. Travelling and moving are both exhausting tasks, but the last thing that you want is to procrastinate and miss getting your possessions until the following day.


Use OnDemand Storage Services!

For easy, efficient and reliable storage services in the Boston area, use OnDemand Storage! For our storage services, we offer pick up and drop off. This means that for move in day, you do not need to worry about picking up your items. You can have them delivered directly to your front doorstep! For more information on our Boston storage services, check out our website!

For the low price of $80 per month, we at ODS are offering the OnDemand Storage Cube. A 350 cubic feet cube, the Storage Cube is a quick and easy way to store your common college student items. Learn more by check out our blog!

For more information on our storage service offerings for college students, check out our Student Storage page!

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