Trade Show Exhibit Storage

OnDemand Storage specializes in Trade Show Exhibit Storage, we provide storage, delivery, and pickup of your exhibit and between trade show location and our secure storage facilities.

Trade shows are a valuable way to get your company exposure to new clients and vendors that can help you achieve your goals. However, to really catch the eye of prospects, companies must invest heavily in expensive and noticeable exhibits. Often times, the exhibits are bulky and difficult to transport and given their size and fragility and require experts to do so.

Storing your exhibits in a climate-controlled warehouse or storage unit is essential. Electrical components, screens, as well as certain plastic and paints can be damaged in an unstable climate. Ideally, the storage facility should be maintained between 60 and 80 degrees to ensure the exhibit stays in working condition.


Trade show booth storage

To take it a step further, your entire exhibit should be wrapped in moving blankets and shrink wrap. This helps prevent dust from damaging electrical components or the exterior of the display. Professional packaging requires knowledge of the item being wrapped and directly relates to transportation. Transporting bulky displays and booths is a difficult task that requires an understanding of the unique exhibit being moved and the pieces that make it an effective marketing tool. Moving professionals must take the utmost care and precision to ensure that the booth is not leaning on a fragile corner or can move at all during transportation.

Boston, MA is one of the largest trade show centers in the United States. OnDemand Storage routinely stores exhibits and delivers them to the Seaport World Trade Center, Boston Convention Center, and Bayside Expo Center, as well as many Hotels etc. Our warehouse is fully climate-controlled and our expert packers and movers prep the items for storage and deliveries for an on-demand basis. When you’re company is coming to Boston, MA or Providence, RI to showcase your offering, trust OnDemand Storage to get your exhibit their in mint condition, while you focus on making great presentations!